New Industry Venture LLC Invests in Digital Construction Monitoring Platform
New Industry Venture LLC Invests in Digital Construction Monitoring Platform

New Industry Venture LLC Invests in Digital Construction Monitoring Platform

Published: 15 January 2021

New Industry Venture LLC Invests in Digital Construction Monitoring Platform

The venture Fund "New Industry" (New Industry Ventures – a joint venture fund of Gazprom Neft, Gazprombank, RVC and VEB Ventures) supported the project of creating an innovative visualization system and monitoring the progress of construction work.

New Industry invests in the development of the Skyeer cloud visualization and business analytics platform for geospatial data. The Fund's support will accelerate the further improvement of the digital monitoring and control system for the implementation of construction projects, as well as scale the business. The key areas of application of the technology are industrial and civil construction, mining, monitoring of infrastructure facilities and territories for enterprises of the oil and gas and coal industries, metallurgy, landfills of solid household waste.

The Skyeer cloud platform allows you to conduct high-precision remote monitoring of the dynamics of construction work, plan-fact analysis, planning and management of earthworks and terracing. The system combines the results of aerial monitoring with design data in 2D/3D format, digital terrain models. The program makes it possible to track the dynamics and any deviations from the project, automatically recording changes in areas, distances, angles, volumes and profiles of monitoring objects. Skyeer surpasses traditional control methods based on geodetic studies and the construction of expensive 3D models. The introduction of the Skyeer platform makes it possible to reduce monitoring costs by an average of ten times, increase the efficiency of updating data by 20 times, and also increase the accuracy of measurements. The product can be integrated directly into the customer's cloud services, which guarantees a high level of data security and confidentiality of commercial information.

With the support of the New Industry Foundation, it is planned to develop and launch several corporate and industry versions of the product, as well as improve data analysis tools using artificial intelligence and Big Data. In the next two years, a partner network will be launched to expand the geography of sales and support of the digital platform, as well as its launch to foreign markets.

"Every technology supported by the New Industry Foundation undergoes a thorough examination within our company. We assess not only the technical feasibility of the initiative, but also the potential of its applicability both within Gazprom Neft and the possibility of commercialization in the foreign market. We are looking at how much it will be in demand by the entire industry, whether it can change the usual approaches and increase the level of technological development of the entire industry. For example, one of the important performance criteria is compliance with the deadlines for launching large infrastructure projects. They require multibillion-dollar investments and it is important that the return on investment process begins as early as possible. Modern control systems allow you to monitor large construction projects literally online and quickly make decisions in case of deviations. At the same time, together with our partners, we are creating tools that allow us to take into account the peculiarities and specifics of the work of our industry," said Alexey Vashkevich, Director of Technological Development at Gazprom Neft.

"Complex large-scale projects, the lender of which is Gazprombank, require modern highly effective management and control tools. We are interested in using the Skyeer platform by our partners and customers," commented Alexander Stepanov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Gazprombank

Alexey Basov, Deputy General Director-Investment Director of RVC:

"The New Industry Foundation is actively forming a portfolio of projects – this is the fund's third investment in 2020. Skyeer company is one of the leaders of the Russian market of geoinformation technologies with a full-cycle product for customers in the b2b segment. I am sure that the investments of our Fund will help the company to consolidate its position in the domestic market and increase sales by attracting foreign customers"

Oleg Teplov, CEO of VEB Ventures:

"Digitalization of construction is a developing and promising market. Currently, about 80% of all construction work in the world is carried out without the use of "smart" technologies, and about 95% of all data collected in this industry remains unused. At the same time, the introduction of technologies, according to various estimates, saves the global construction business about $ 1.5 trillion. We are confident that scaling Skyeer will allow us to continue digitalizing the construction industry in Russia to create safe and comfortable cities, as well as bring the company's product to the international market."

Alexander Ryzhov, CEO of Skyeer:

"Skyeer is an IT company, one of the first and most experienced in the development of solutions for geospatial data analytics. We managed to successfully combine in one product deep narrow-profile knowledge of geodesy, cartography, photogrammetry, piloting unmanned aircraft, while not forgetting the basics of high-quality development: web design, proper front and back code, DevOps and server architecture. The team managed to create a number of competitive solutions that made Skyeer a leader in its industry. For example, the company's solutions use the best proprietary algorithms on the market to calculate volumes based on aerial photography data and automatically detect changes throughout the facility. Over the past 5 years, the team has accumulated a lot of experience, we have managed to work with customers from different fields and customize our solution for different production processes. We initially made a competitive international product, and we plan to continue developing this way, expanding the product line for our customers around the world."

Grigory Bolotin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, co-founder of Skyeer: "We expect that the attracted smart money will allow us to consolidate technological leadership in the Russian market in 2021. Using the experience and expertise of our new partners, we plan to develop existing ones and offer the market new industry solutions that can be effectively integrated into customers' business processes."


Gazprom Neft is a vertically integrated oil company. The main activities are exploration and development of oil and gas fields, oil refining, production and marketing of petroleum products. In terms of oil production and refining, Gazprom Neft is one of the three largest companies in Russia. The structure of Gazprom Neft includes more than 70 oil-producing, refining and marketing enterprises in Russia, the countries of the near and far abroad.

Gazprombank is among the three leaders of the Russian banking industry in terms of major volume indicators, as well as among the largest financial institutions in Central and Eastern Europe.

Gazprombank provides a wide range of services to corporate and private clients. The Bank serves key sectors of the Russian economy — gas, oil, chemical and petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, mechanical engineering, transport, construction, communications, agro-industrial complex, trade and other industries.

Gazprombank's retail business is focused on providing modern high-tech products and services. At the beginning of 2020, the Bank serves about 5 million individual customers, the retail loan portfolio by the end of 2019 is more than 550 billion rubles, the retail deposit portfolio is more than 480 billion rubles.

RVC is the state Fund of Funds, the Institute for the Development of the venture industry of the Russian Federation. The main objectives of RVC JSC are to stimulate the creation of its own venture investment industry in Russia and to perform the functions of the Project Office of the National Technology Initiative (NTI). The authorized capital of RVC JSC is more than 30 billion rubles. 100% of the capital of RVC belongs to the Russian Federation represented by the Federal Agency for State Property Management of the Russian Federation (Rosimushchestvo). The total number of funds formed by RVC JSC has reached 28, their total size is 58.2 billion rubles. The share of RVC JSC is 31.1 billion rubles. Funds with the participation of the capital of JSC "RVC" invested more than 290 portfolio companies for a total amount of more than 23 billion rubles.

VEB Ventures (formerly VEB Innovations) is a company of the VEB Group.The Russian Federation, created to support high-tech projects through direct transactions and management of venture funds. VEB Ventures' priorities include financing promising companies with its own funds, private and public funds, as well as assistance to Russian startups in entering international markets. The company offers projects not only venture investments, but also operational management support tools, as well as access to financial products of VEB.RF Group companies. This makes it possible to form support schemes for Russian innovative companies taking into account their individual needs, including to facilitate entry into international markets.

Skyeer (LLC "Skyeer IT") is an IT company, developer of an analytics platform based on survey data from unmanned aircraft, working and project documentation in 2D/3D formats. Provides analytics for remote management of industrial, road, infrastructure, civil construction, mining facilities. In addition to developing and implementing its own IT products, the company operates on the DaaS (Drone as a service) model, providing data collection services using drones with their subsequent turnkey analysis.

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