Fund portfolio


The company develops solutions for business optimization based on the use of spatial data and cloud geoinformation technologies. Skyer strives to improve the efficiency of the control and management of construction sites and mining enterprises through the use of unmanned aerial vehicles and the combination of aerial survey results with design data in 2D/3D format. The company also created a unique web platform for instant analytics of the received data.

NVI Solutions

NVI Solutions is a joint venture with VISILLECT Services company, which is industrial recognition systems developer. NVI Solutions specializes in creating software products for industrial customers. The company is also engaged in the adaptation of its products to specific production objectives and implements them at production facilities in Russia and abroad.

ML ONE Solutions

ML ONE provides drilling services for multilateral well completion and wellbore joint arrangement based on its own technological solutions. Technologies offered by company allow for using domestic equipment in high-tech projects at lower capital expenditures and improved cost effectiveness.


L-Petro creates a complex of technological devices for servicing and testing horizontal wells. The main product of the company is a well tractor. It is a device that provides the delivery of tools and equipment to horizontal sections of wells for technological maintenance and repair, as well as for geophysical research (electrical, acoustic, radioactive, electromagnetic, etc.). This technology is unique for oil and gas projects in Russia